Canterbury Forum Lecture Series

At the Waldport Community Center, 1:30pm
The Canterbury Forum is a gathering of mainstream and progressive religious communities on the Central Coast to hear lectures and engage in conversation about religious issues relevant to the relationship between religion and the broader society and culture—including science, history, and the arts. The Forum invites all who regard faith and reason as partners, rather than antagonists, to join in this collective and collaborative effort to educate and to promote an informed, welcoming and compassionate approach to religion and social engagement.

Canterbury Forum

2019 Calendar

The Central Coast Canterbury Forum is about to begin its fall season, and the steering committee has put together three programs that will both enlighten and challenge attendees.

All the meetings are held at the Waldport Community Center at 1:30 pm.

  • September 21: Brian Jones, "YHWH, Warrior God. Divine and Human Violence in the Bible and Christian History"

    Brian offers this introduction to his topic:

    Bob Dylan's song "With God on Our Side" points out the danger of a too close association of religion and the state. He writes, "You never ask questions/ When God's on your side." But unquestioning support of leaders has had terrifying results all too often. This danger is, of course, neither new nor specific to any country. Appealing to "God’s will" and mingling patriotism and religion to justify war or other violence is a very old strategy indeed. Dr. Jones will discuss the Bible’s images of a violent and violence-sanctioning God that have been used, both in ancient times and today, to justify war, and even genocide. He will also invite the forum to consider how to respond to writers such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins who have attacked Christianity, Judaism and Islam for the violence valorized in their scriptures. There are no easy answers!

    Brian Jones holds a Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies from Emory University and a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. He served as Professor of Religion at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa from 2000–2017. He now lives in Waldport with his wife, the Reverend Dr. Judith Jones.

  • October 19: Gerald Stanley, "Philosophical Perspectives on Evolution and Some Practical Applications: a Theistic Point of View"

  • November 16: Sandra Smith Gangle, J.D., "Is Peace Attainable in the 21st Century?"

    What hope is there for domestic and international peace in our time? Increasing tribalism, inequality, corruption, and the propagandization of our news sources threaten to undo the bonds of our social and political order, both here and abroad. How did we get here? What is the path to a more just and peaceable future? Sandra Gangle will take up these questions in her Canterbury Forum talk. She will explore the historical roots of our present social malaise and offer proposals for reconciliation and greater social harmony.

    In her professional career, Sandra served as a conflict mediator and as a labor relations arbitrator. She is a student of social and political history and has led a foreign policy discussion group. Her experience gives her unique insight into the causes of social conflict and an informed vision of the possibilities for peace in our time.

Put the dates on your calendar and come prepared to be enlightened, challenged and provoked to thought and conversation!


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